Northwest Dance Project conducts our innovative LAUNCH Project offering top dancers 19+ years old valuable opportunities to study and work with world-class directors, choreographers, mentors, and dance coaches in an open and inclusive company setting.

Today's foremost choreographers and companies seek dancers with the versatility to perform a wide range of work. LAUNCH provides a unique way for dancers to see and be seen while increasing their ability to perform dynamic works of contrasting styles and making crucial professional connections.

Participation in LAUNCH is selective and limited in order to provide each dancer the opportunity to work directly and intimately with our guest artists.

We are pleased to announce that over 50 dance company contracts have been offered to dancers as a direct result of their participation in our LAUNCH projects.

"Northwest Dance Project is a great opportunity to see and work with developing dancers. It's the rare opportunity to see potential company members in a working environment. I'm able to get to know them as people and artists and evaluate their work in a much more meaningful way as opposed to the superficial view I would receive in an hour and a half audition."
-- Paul Vasterling / Artistic Director, Nashville Ballet / Guest Artist

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to come to work with so many fantastic individuals in the world of dance. It was a rewarding experience on so many levels, both personally and professionally. I have had such a wonderful time both in the workshops and rehearsal/performances of the pieces. Thank you for creating a place where professional and pre-professional dancers can grow as artists and people."
-- Allison Jones / LAUNCH Dancer

LAUNCH participants must be 19 years old or older, demonstrate advanced ballet technique, be versatile and movement oriented, open to artistic direction and suggestion, and be explorative and highly professional. Acceptance is limited and selective in order to emphasize individualized instruction, professional mentoring and close collaboration. LAUNCH requires that our dancers have the stamina and commitment to dance intensively up to ten hours per day.

LAUNCH serves as the audition process for acceptance into our Company.

LAUNCH: 9     July 8 - 19 / 2014

Guest Artists
Hélène Blackburn / CAS Public
James Canfield / Nevada Ballet Theatre
Lucas Crandall / Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Sarah Slipper / Northwest Dance Project

Artists' Bios HERE

+ The two winners of our Pretty Creatives International Choreographic Competition

Eric Handman and Lesley Telford
Learn more about these rising choreographeres HERE

Our ninth installment of LAUNCH is designed for pre-and-professional dancers (19+) seeking opportunities to see and be seen. Be twisted, turned, torqued, motivated, developed, inspired and pushed beyond your current boundaries. Selected dancers will work for two intensive weeks alongside leading Artistic Directors and two selected emerging choreographers on movement exploration, improvisation and choreographic mastery.

In addition to morning master ballet classes and working closely with our esteemed guest directors, experiencing their artistic and company's style and making critical professional connections, LAUNCH: 9 provides the opportunity to collaborate in the creative process. Working with two unique, emerging creative voices, the two winners of our annual Pretty Creatives choreographic competition, dancers will have an opportunity to present newly created works in an informal setting before a public audience on the final day.

All interested dancers must apply and audition in-person for LAUNCH: 9 unless they have participated in a previous LAUNCH Project within the last two years. 



Questions? Please email Caitlin Warren at No phone calls, please.


LAUNCH: 8   Pretty Creatives Winners
Simone Orlando
Yin Yue

LAUNCH: 8   Guest Artists
Danielle Agami / Artitsic Director / Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY
Hélène Blackburn / Artistic Director / CAS Public
Lucas Crandall / Associate Director / Hubbard Street Dance Chicago + Choreographer
Sarah Slipper / Artistic Director / Northwest Dance Project

LAUNCH: 7   Pretty Creatives Winners
Alex Soares
Hanna Kiel
Robyn Mineko Williams

LAUNCH: 7   Guest Artists:
Lucas Crandall / Repetitor / Nederlands Dans Theater + Choreographer
Sarah Slipper / Artistic Director / Northwest Dance Project
Edgar Zendejas / Artistic Director / ezdanza


LAUNCH: 6   Pretty Creatives Winners
Pedro Dias
Gregory Dolbashian
Marina Mascarell

LAUNCH: 6   Guest Artists
Lillian Barbeito / Artistic Director / BODYTRAFFIC
Emily Molnar / Artistic Director / Ballet BC
Gustavo Ramirez Sansano / Artistic Director / Luna Negra Dance Theatre
Sarah Slipper / Artistic Director / Northwest Dance Project
Paul Vasterling / Artistic Director / Nashville Ballet

LAUNCH: 5   Guest Artists
Lucas Crandall / Repetitor / Nederlands Dans Theater
Sarah Slipper / Artistic Director / Northwest Dance Project
Rachel Tess / Artistic Director / Rumpus Room Dance
Edgar Zendejas / Artistic Director / ezdanza

LAUNCH: 4   Pretty Creatives Winners
James Gregg
Loni Landon

LAUNCH: 4   Guest Artists
Hélène Blackburn / Artitic Director / CAS Public
James Canfield / Artitic Director / Nevada Ballet Theatre
Robert Moses / Artitic Director / Robert Moses' Kin
Sarah Slipper / Artitic Director / Northwest Dance Project
Paul Vasterling / Artitic Director / Nashville Ballet

LAUNCH: 3   Guest Artists
Noam Gagnon / Co-Artistic Director / The Holy Body Tattoo
Susan Gaudreau / BJM Danse

LAUNCH: 3   Repertoire Focus
Aszure Barton
Sarah Slipper
Crystal Pite
Noam Gagnon
Andrea Miller
Maurice Causey

LAUNCH: 2   Pretty Creatives Winners
Maurice Causey
Lauren Edson

LAUNCH: 2   Guest Artistic Directors
James Canfield / Artistic Director / Nevada Ballet Theatre
Bebe Miller / / Artitic Director Bebe Miller Company
Paul Vasterling / Artistic Director / Nashville Ballet
Septime Webre / Artistic Director / Washington Ballet
Edgar Zendejas / Artistic Director / ezdanza
Jamey Hampton / Artistic Director / BodyVox

LAUNCH: 1   Guest Artists
Robert Battle / Artistic Director / Battleworks Dance Company
James Canfield / Artistic Director / Nevada Ballet Theatre
Lucas Crandall / Associate Artistic Director / Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Robert Moses / Artistic Director / Robert Moses' Kin
Benoit-Swan Pouffer / Artistic Director / Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet
Sarah Slipper / Artistic Director / Northwest Dance Project 


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